Schedule? What schedule?!

Platanna doesn't sail to a schedule. She cruises to your time. It's your time off so call us or
e-mail to book for when it suits you, and we will almost certainly be able accommodate.

A standard cruise is approximately two hours long, which in calm conditions is enough time to cover the length of the river and back, a 15 kilometre round trip.

Of course, if you want to stop anywhere along the river, we can. Maybe for a swim, or something interesting happening on the river bank? It's your cruise.

The only limitations are no cruising in the dark - so if you want a late afternoon sunset cruise, it needs to start two hours before sunset for the standard cruise.

Tailored cruises can also be arranged, so e-mail or call us with your questions.


Simple: R150.00 per passenger for the standard cruise. Minimum charge for the boat is R400.00. No minimum number of passengers, but not more than ten.


Contact us for a quote on tailored cruises.


Heading down to the lagoon.


Egyptian Goose.

LittleFrog LittleFrog1

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