The River!

The Klein River starts on the north side of Maanskynkop, which at 964 metres is the highest peak in the Klein River Mountain range. It then meanders along the northern side of the range for about 35 km eastwards, before turning south then west to follow the southern slopes of the same mountains before emptying into the Klein River lagoon. The mouth of the river (when open) is at Grotto beach, Hermanus, 80 kilometres down-stream from the source but only 6 kilometres as the crow flies. The last 7,5 km of river, from Standford to the lagoon entrance is the course of Platanna's standard cruise.

The river supports an abundance of bird life, from waterfowl to raptors, seabirds to weavers. The Platanna cruise has been popular with bird watchers for many years, and there are many passengers who come back time and again for a trip down the river to see the bird life.

In addition, otters are known to be in the area, but as they are nocturnal animals, very rarely seen. And, of course, the frogs! Take a stroll along the banks in the evening, and the sound of the chirping is all you will hear.

As a taster for what the Klein River and Stanford offers, we've put together a small gallery below.




Looking north up the river to the Klein River Mountains.


Malachite Kingfisher.


1 km down-river from the village.


Don't you just love dead trees?


Hadeda Ibis.


Spotted Eagle Owl.


Blue Crane, South Africa's national bird.


A pair of Grey Herons.

LittleFrog LittleFrog1

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